EDC Exquisite Handmade Bushcraft Hunting Camp Knife 9.8 inches | Premium Stainless Steel | Rich Walnut Wood Handle | Deluxe Leather Sheath

EDC Handmade Hunting Knife Custom Engraved Hunting Camp Knife

This beautifully crafted Handmade Bushcraft Hunting Camp Knife features a durable stainless steel blade and a walnut wood handle, offering both functionality and elegance. You can personalize the knife by engraving names, nicknames, or animal patterns on the blade, making it a perfect gift for loved ones.


  • Total Length: 25 cm
  • Blade Length: 14 cm
  • Handle Length: 11 cm
  • Blade Thickness: 3 mm

$ 120

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EDC Exquisite Handmade Bushcraft Hunting Camp Knife 9.8 inches | Premium Stainless Steel | Rich Walnut Wood Handle | Deluxe Leather Sheath

Custom Engraved Handmade Bushcraft Hunting Camp Knife

Introducing the exquisite Handmade Bushcraft Hunting Camp Knife, a perfect blend of functionality and personalization. This meticulously crafted knife is designed to cater to both the practical needs of outdoor enthusiasts and the sentimental value of personalized gifts.

Personalization Options

One of the standout features of this knife is the ability to engrave names, nicknames, or even intricate animal patterns on the blade. Whether you’re commemorating a special occasion or simply adding a personal touch, these engravings make the knife a cherished keepsake. Imagine the delight of your loved ones when they receive a knife customized just for them, a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Superior Steel Blade

The blade of the Bushcraft Hunting Camp Knife is made from high-quality stainless steel. Known for its durability and resistance to rust and corrosion, this steel ensures that your knife remains sharp and reliable through extensive use. The blade’s precision and strength make it suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, from hunting to camping and bushcraft.

Elegant Walnut Wood Handle

Complementing the robust blade is the knife’s handle, crafted from premium walnut wood. Walnut is renowned for its rich, dark hues and striking grain patterns, offering both beauty and a comfortable grip. The handle’s ergonomic design ensures that the knife fits securely in your hand, providing excellent control and reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Dimensions and Specifications

The Bushcraft Hunting Camp Knife is designed with practical dimensions to enhance its usability. The total length of the knife is 25 cm (approximately 10 inches), striking a balance between portability and functionality. The blade itself measures 14 cm (about 5.5 inches), providing ample cutting surface for various tasks. The handle is 11 cm (around 4.3 inches) long, offering a substantial grip that complements the blade’s length. Additionally, the blade has a thickness of 3 mm, ensuring a sturdy and durable edge.

Protective Leather Sheath

To ensure your knife is protected when not in use, it comes with a high-quality leather sheath. This sheath not only safeguards the blade from damage but also allows for easy and safe transportation. The leather material adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making the knife an attractive accessory for any outdoor adventure.

Perfect Gift for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Handmade Bushcraft Hunting Camp Knife is more than just a tool; it’s a perfect gift for those who love the great outdoors. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, this knife, with its customizable engravings and superior craftsmanship, is sure to impress and delight. Its blend of functionality, durability, and personal touch makes it an exceptional addition to any outdoor kit.


In summary, the Handmade Bushcraft Hunting edc Camp Knife is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. With a stainless steel blade, a walnut wood handle, and the option for custom engravings, it combines practicality with personal significance. Its thoughtfully designed dimensions ensure it’s both portable and efficient, while the accompanying leather sheath offers protection and style. Whether for yourself or as a personalized gift, this knife is an investment in quality and sentiment.


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